Diploma in Health and Social Care

The Diploma, Award and Certificate in Health and Social Care

This qualification forms part of a new range of Health and Social Care Diplomas which replace the previous NVQ's in Health and Social Care. The qualifications still work to the NVQ assessment model whereby a learner's competence is assessed (that is the skills, knowledge and understanding they have) within their work situation.

The qualification contains a wide range of optional units. This allows the learner to select those units which are directly applicable to their job role. There is specialist learning available for those who work with people with dementia or people with a learning disability. We can deliver the training unit by unit to enable the cost of the qualification to be spread and therefore provide a most cost effective solution.

This qualification is aimed at those whose work involves doing things for clients and supporting clients to do things for themselves, in a wide range of settings.

Learners will usually be delivering care and support,  and be be closely directed and supervised by a colleague who is already trained in the area.

To find out more call our Training Manager on 023 8036 6663 or email sarah.cogan@scagroup.co.uk