Patient Feedback

Customer Feedback

We work in partnership with 'Working Feedback' to continually seek and monitor feedback from our patients. Feedback forms are available via each practice and once completed are externally verified and uploaded onto our website, the NHS Choices website and our social media pages.

In addition we hold a 'Customer Comments Book' at each of our practices. We invite all of our patients to add their comments, suggestions and feedback so that we can strive to continually improve our services and understand where we are getting things right or where we need to make changes.

Patient Forums

At each practice we hold a patient's forum where we invite our patients to meet with us on a regular basis. At these meetings patients get to view their opinions and ideas and ask any relevant questions.

If you are interested in taking part in your local practices' forum, please leave your name and contact details with our reception team and we will ensure you are invited to the next forum.