About Us

At SCA Care our mission is to enable our members to remain living in their own home and support them to have better lives. We have an extensive range of services available including home care, domestic help, respite care, day clubs, dementia specialist care, community support and much more.

So why choose our services?

Because our staff team are outstanding:

- They are recruited because they care

- We have committed to pay our staff a living wage

- We provide a five-day induction training course (this exceeds the industry standard and much of the training provided by other providers)

- We provide formal supervision for our care workers on a monthly basis to ensure they are supported to deliver the best possible service to you.

We have the following values:

- We support you to shape your care with clear plans

- We involve you and are open to improvement

- We have over twenty years' experience

- We are not-for-profit and reinvest our surpluses into better services

- We have customer and carer representatives on our Board