Why Should You Choose SCA Advocacy?

Here are some reasons why you should choose to come to us at SCA Advocacy:

1. We have a superb record of successfully representing our customers with 92% of them receiving a positive outcome to their case.

2. We have been providing advocacy for over 15 years, delivering around 190 programs of issue-based advocacy each year.

3. We have experience of delivering several models of advocacy including issue-based, self-advocacy groups and group advocacy. We are fully flexible in order to meet your advocacy need.

4. We are highly experienced in working with customers with a large variety of needs including mental health issues, dementia-type illness, people with physical disabilities, people with learning disabilities and people with sensory loss or impairment. We are also experienced in working with all age groups.

5. Our team of Advocates come from a wide range of professional work backgrounds, from retired magistrates, social workers, mental health professionals, teachers, housing officers, accountants and a number who have worked in various positions in the private and community sectors.

6. All of our Advocates undergo thorough training and meet strict recruitment checks including CRB checks.

7. Our Advocates are closely supervised and supported in their work.

8. SCA Advocacy adheres to the Advocacy Charter (written by Action for Advocacy 2004 - you can find this charter at http://www.actionforadvocacy.org.uk/articleServlet?action=display&article=756&articletype=41 )

9. SCA Advocacy works to a strict confidentiality policy.


If you feel we can help you or someone you know please call us on 07739 951715.