Mentoring, advice, guidance & information

For vulnerable people leaving police custody

Two exciting and innovative pilot projects in Southampton & Portsmouth! These pilot projects focus on helping vulnerable people after they have been released from Southampton or Portsmouth Police Stations.

MAGI is not a crisis service, but it is a short term targeted intervention offering help, guidance and signposting to vulnerable individuals. The project, through the use of trained volunteer advocates, seeks to target these vulnerable people to ensure that they are helped / supported and signposted in key areas e.g:

- housing
- social services
- money, benefits
- employment / training
- family issues
- access to community health & well-being services

By working with vulnerable individuals on these social and personal issues, it is hoped that their situation will be improved and as a result the likelihood of them reoffending will be decreased.

Custody suites deal with a significant number of vulnerable people. Vulnerable adults are classified as - those who are or maybe in need of community services due to age, illness or a physical or mental disability and / or who may be unable to take care of him / herself, or unable to protect themselves against significant harm or exploitation.

Our MAGI project receives referrals from police staff who identify those who need advocacy, signposting, information, advice or guidance and will clarify the areas that the advocates can help them with.

Our MAGI advocates make contact and meet with the individual soon after (within 1-3 days) their release from custody. The first meeting is at a neutral venue, the advocate finds out more about the individual and their personal circumstances, this assessment will result in an action plan detailing priority areas for help, support and a timeframe of how long this work should take. The average support period is expected to be about 4 meetings, depending on the issues that need addressing. The advocate will support, signpost, befriend, coach and advocate as much as the individual needs. Once the support has come to an end the police and relevant authorities are updated on any work done. We also ensure that every 3 months following the intervention that the individual is contacted to see if there is any additional support they require.

All advocates are enhanced DBS checked.

For more information please call 077 3995 1715.