About Us

SCA is a successful group of social enterprises focused on health and wellbeing - care, transport, dentistry, a formerly closed community hospital transformed into a vibrant wellbeing centre called Fenwick2, a jointly owned community enterprise. We offer expert training, consultancy and community facilitation services locally and nationally.

We exist to support our members to live better lives through compassionate care, health and community services, strengthened by working together for the common good.

With a turnover of £10m, we provide services to over 100,000 people in Central Southern England, focused in areas of disadvantage and providing rewarding jobs for our 450 staff and 100 volunteers. We have a mix of publicly commissioned service and those direct to local people.

We involve our members in setting our priorities, evaluating our impact, and listen to their ideas on what we should do next. We take an enhanced quality and governance approach.

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